SimiLive -- Run Simile Models Anywhere

SimiLive is a new service from Simulistics, allowing models built in the Simile modelling environment to be executed on a web browser. It provides a simple way to publish any model, including parameter data and visualization tool setup. The browser interface looks like Simile's model run environment, with the model diagram available on the first tab.

The model executes on the server, with results being sent to the browser at regular simulation time intervals. Results for many times can be downloaded in a single interaction, so the run control has a extra field: "Log each..." lets you specify the time interval between successive data points in a graph or table, while "Update each..." refers to the length of simulation time for which data is collected in a single server interaction.

The model diagram and visualization tools have been customized to drag and zoom via a touch screen interface, so the service is ideal for showing and executing models on mobile devices.

Upload and run a model

The Model Upload form provides fields in which to upload a saved model, and optionally a scenario file and a visualization setup. No registration required -- if you have a Simile model which runs on the Evaluation edition, you can run it with SimiLive.

Create a link for model execution

The model, scenario and visualization files are uploaded via a form, so it is possible to use hidden forms to create a direct link to execute any model. For examples see our demos. Also, the model pages in our Model Catalogue now have buttons to execute the models in SimiLive, complete with the I/O tools specified where there is a helper setup file associated with the model.

Enterprise edition customers will be able to set up model execution on their own servers if desired.

If you experience any issues running SimiLive, or would like to know more about it, please leave a comment on the SimiLive forum. Happy modelling!

-- The Simulistics team